Thursday, March 10, 2011

iPad pillow palooza (hint free bead sale)

I am SUPER excited about the new iPad coming out tomorrow. Mostly because I am getting one without having to stand in line because Paul volunteered to do the standing! Thanks, babe! How does this affect you, I hear you ask? Well, as a celebration I will be giving away 1 free pillow bead for every set of 5 you purchase in my shop this weekend. The beads are sold in sets of 5 already so you buy one set and you will get an extra bead for free! Some examples are pictured here but there are more in the store. If you don't see the one you had your eye on send me a convo...if someone snapped it up already I can make you more ;) Check out my bead soup partner Marianna for some ideas on how to use these beads or Lori Anderson and her Cup of Bead Soup series. I will run this promotion through the weekend and send the beads out at the beginning of the week (just in case my stock runs low and I need to make more).

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