Monday, March 21, 2011

Little busy over here!

So hope to get back to some more regular blogging this week but things are kinda hectic. On Thursday I got a call from my Mom to say my Aunt had passed away so we have been dealing with the fallout of that over the weekend. More details later on that, it was so sudden and unexpected. Also, I came down with the cold/cough nastiness that has been going around and my boss at my part time job had to go out of town for the business over the weekend so it's one hot bowl of crazy up in here! Needless to say I have gotten very little beading done, the house is a wreck and this week is also spring break so we might just be spending most of our days at different parks to keep our minds off things :) I do however, have a surprise coming as soon as I can organize all the "underpinnings". My first vlog/tutorial!! I hope to have it up be the end of the week.

In other news, I was reading my Google Reader during some down time yesterday and came across this post from Beadroe wherein she tells about winning Marianna's 1000th post giveaway and chose the earrings featuring my beads! She also says some lovely things about our Bead Soup partnership that absolutely made my day.

Here is a picture of a necklace I submitted to a magazine but wasn't chosen. I'll be blogging more detail about the piece itself another time but right now I'm off to save the retail world one outfit at a tim ;)

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Jen V. said...

Happy Spring! Cheers to craziness and kids and retail therapy. You'll make it!!!