Friday, March 11, 2011

I heart Apple.

Kudos, Mr. Jobs.

My husband went to our Apple store today and stood in line for 3 hours awaiting the release of the iPad 2. While there the Apple employees passed out bottled water and followed up with Starbucks coffee. I don't know if all Apple stores are so good to their customers but I got to hand it to the Flatirons store. PR like that is what has made Apple so successful. Oh yeah, they released the iPad at 5pm and my husband was home with our new gadgets by 5:45pm even though there were approximately 100 people ahead of him!

Definitely kudos to Mr. Jobs.

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Karen Williams said...

Have you spent all weekend playing with it? The new iPad sounds soo fantastic! And that's so sweet of your husband to do the waiting for your.

My husband has talked about getting one for me so I can make video tutorials. I told him I wouldn't be opposed. ;-)