Monday, April 25, 2011

ABS Challenge April 2011

I posted last week about debating about whether I should enter my work in the ABS challenge.
Thank you to all you fantastic and supportive people who left comments and thoughts on such struggles :) The comments were a huge help! Sometimes hearing the same thing you are telling yourself sounds even more obvious coming from somebody else! is my submission for the challenge.

The polymer pendant was made using mokame gane techniques and keeping a somewhat irregular shape because I wanted shape that looked more a stone that you didn't want to cut away to much of to make the perfect form. The coordinating beads (the three on the opposite side of the flower) are also all made by me. All the polymer was inspired by the painting for this month that you see here.

The blossom is rose quartz and accented by the carved stone beads that I have forgotten what they are but love how they look and feel. The rest of the beads are carnelian rounds. The first piece that I created for this challenge was strung on waxed cotton. While I LOVE the piece (I will do a separate post about it later) I knew that that fiber was just not what I wanted for this second installment. So I went with artistic wire for an added boost the the asymmetrical design and also to bring in that tiny bit of green, giving a nod to the leaves in the painting.

This was a fun challenge and I think now I will try to do them more often. Thanks again for all the guys are awesome!


Jen V. said...

The polymer work is gorgeous but I really think my fave part is that hint of colored wire! It's just perfect!
Take care

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Ooh that's really pretty, Kate! I love the offset flower! Great job!

Linda Landig said...

great job! I love the touch of green wire.