Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BTW and my inner turmoil.

Wednesday, Wednesday...Bead Table Wednesday!

Here's the thing...I am working on two pieces right now and here are peeks at both of them.

They are both inspired by the same source and there are similarities (you'll just have to take my word because I deliberately didn't show those similarities to you ;) ). However, I am first of all having trouble deciding which one I like best for the challenge and secondly...well, I guess I am just having a bout of that self doubt that strikes most artists from time to time. Some really AMAZING artists enter this challenge and it's just kinda daunting to think "maybe my work could be in the same group with these people"?! I know I should just go for it. I probably will. We'll see.

Here are some photos of past BTW pieces that are now complete. Check out more of BTW on Flickr. And don't forget to check out Heather Powers who started it all!


Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

That turquoise necklace with the big red oval is a stunner! I vote try it- so what if you fail? You won't succeed until you try!

~Brenda said...

I agree with above comment! You go, girl! :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

I agree too!!!One of my favorite saying is' " Leap and the net will appear!" Go for it - you have nothing to lose!!! I'll cross my fingers for you! : )

Heather Powers said...

Go for it - what would happen if you didn't make it in? Nothing really - except you'll have gotten over the hurdle of fear - so that's worth going for it! And you just never know until you try.

Anonymous said...

I agree! One of my favorite quotes is
"Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down."

Go for it!

Leslie Todd said...

You should definitely enter. Don't second guess. Just do it!