Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Don't you just hate it when you are all organized and somehow it falls in a heap?! I had this bracelet made a MONTH in advance and somehow missed sending it in for the Design Challenge on the Vintaj blog. GRR! Oh well, there's always next month, right? I will share it with you guys anyway because I just LOVE it :) The theme is Woodland Blush. As soon as I saw that the vision of this bracelet popped into my head. I have been using my new stash of sari silk in lots of projects but this has got to be one of my top favorites so far. I envisioned vines and forest foliage all tangling together and being guided by filigree into a functional form (see the "vines" being shaped to form the hole of the clasp?). The carved rose quartz "blush" button closure did just what I wanted and bought that touch of color that starts to peek through the leaves in the early morning hours. And of course we must not forget the mistress of the forest. Woodlands wouldn't be complete without our little magical friends, right?!

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Charm Bracelets said...

Nice to mix up textures and the sari silk beading thread idea is very innovative and nice.The flower sits beautifully in color and shape over it.A nice creation after all.