Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing the "Vintage Chic Collection"

A while back I mentioned I had a new collection inspired by vintage elements in the works. Today I present the first pieces in that set! I am going to post them in my Etsy shop over the weekend but I am giving my bloggy pals first crack at them. If you would like to purchase one leave me a comment or send me an email at kathryn7 dot gmail dot com. Each piece is one of a kind made from upcycled jewelry as well as some handmade components. They also layer together very well. I designed them to stand alone or be worn 2 or 3 together. Because I'm just nuts like that ;)

Victoria: 18 inches. Filigree focal balanced by handmade free form wire connector.

Diana: Cameo pendant with purple rhinestones. $20

Elizabeth: Intricate round pendant with layered chains. $25

Catherine: Handmade original design composed of black labradorite diamonds and silver colored wire. $30

Have an awesome weekend!

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sfarr said...

Pretty! Appropriate names for this royally historic day:)