Thursday, April 28, 2011

One focal...four or more options!

Yesterday for Bead Table Wednesday I showed you some of the things I was planning to work on. I got stuck. On one type of bead :) As I began to sketch some ideas with these large ceramic oval beads I had a stroke of inspiration. The beads are very large (40mm top to bottom) so it seemed like using one would be ideal for most people so that the weight could be kept at a comfortable level. But I couldn't decide the best way to orientate the bead. And then I remembered this awesome idea I saw on a blog I read earlier this week. I tried to find it again and couldn't if you know who I am talking about please leave me a comment because I wanted to link to her work to show you how awesome this idea is! Take a look.

I started by taking one bead and giving it extra large wire loops. I wanted to get as many options as possible out of the design so I attached it to 36 inches of copper chain (makes an 18 inch necklace when fully extended like above). The handmade hook clasp went on the other end of the chain and voila! I added the Vintaj fairy and the vintage turquoise bead to add a little whimsy and balance for when it's worn horizontally as seen below.

And finally...
Tada! The reason I decided on the 18 inch length was because you can also double the chain and wear it short, again with the vertical or horizontal option!

I loved it so much I had to do another one...

This time I made little dragon flies with grossular garnet rounds for accents and used different types of chain for a simple yet still asymmetrical look (when worn long) that turns symmetrical when worn short. Neat, huh?


Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

That is neat- very clever! I love the whimsical elements you chose to accent the beads, and I appreciate the simple design... I need to do more like that! Keep it up!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I agree with Erin! very clever - love the focal bead!!!

Happy Thrusday!

Sally Anderson said...

Maybe you were thinking of Jean Power. She has something here:

I love what you're making. Very nice! And very pretty!