Monday, May 09, 2011

ABS May Challenge

This month the Art Bead Scene Challenge piece is "Hide and Seek" by Berthe Morisot.

Click on the images to make them larger, there is some great detail.

When I first looked at the painting I saw a lot of greens. Green is not a color I use all the time so I have to admit at first nothing sprang to mind. Usually when I look at a piece of inspiration a piece of jewelry kind of crawls off the the page and lodges itself in my brain until I make it. This time I started pulling out my art beads that I thought might work well into the color scheme. I landed on my faux carved jade and couldn't put them aside. I started trying to decide which pattern to use and decided to mix the styles. You'll see the most detailed one on the left in the picture below followed by a less intricate pattern and finally one that shows more of the faux jade with less "carving".

Upon closer examination some of the warmer colors like the cherries and the roofs started to come out so I decided to mix in some antique copper colored artistic wire to link the faux jade. It still wasn't quite "there" yet though. I wanted a little more "roof and cherry" and it was also feeling too dark at that point. I grabbed some green tree agate briolettes to add some lighter green with some carnelian chips and sunset agate for that "pop". I also mixed up the metals in this piece because I wanted some to be seen (like the gold on the carnelian) and others not so much (like the jasper and the green agate). I love the way it came out and I'll be wearing it all this week, I'm sure.
The finishing touch was the sari silk! I tried chains but it just looked too modern and not earthy enough for me. I tried one ribbon but didn't get the depth and substance I needed to really compliment the focal section. Finally, I found three great greens that worked well together and braided them and voila!
This was a super fun challenge! Be sure to check out more on Flickr and at ABS!


Jen V. said...

Love the wire links...they look great with all the other textures. Looks like you had some fun crafty time. :)

E B Snare said...

This is wonderful - great colour combinations and really fizzes. Not too complementary, but just right. Would love some earrings made from a round copper link and the three drops!

Linda Landig said...

I love the color combo here and the sweet little dangles. Good job! said...

Wonderful combination of colors! I love the dazzling dangles.