Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What to take?!

Back in March the Rings & Things trunk show came to Denver. Not just anywhere in Denver, but practically right down the street from my house. Happy Birthday to me! I have used some of my awesome finds but quite a bit of my favorite pieces have been stewing in my brain as I play with designs that use them to their full potential. Take a look at some of what will be coming on vacation with me.

Various gorgeous tiger eye strands.

Carnelian, various agates and some amethyst. Those large agate coins are about 45mm, btw! Love them!!

So, my advice is run to the next Rings & Things show you can or failing that, check their online store anytime of the night or day. Gotta love the internet.

While you're surfing said 'net, pop over to Humblebeads and say hi to Heather who started the Bead Table Wednesday blog party every week. The whole gang can be seen on Flickr here.


Anonymous said...

I love a bead show! You definitely came home with the loot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! I was just over at Art Bead Scene and saw that you are one of this month's winners! Congratulations!!

Love all those beautiful gems on your bead table!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I just found out there is a bead show near me in august I had no clue even existed!!! I hope I have some $$$ to save for it! Love the carnelian!!!