Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BTW 6-22-11

Yesterday over at the Art Bead Scene they posted a Muffin Tin Challenge. I LOVE this idea. Incidentally, the Muffin Tin Challenge and Bead Table Wednesday came from the same place. Ms Heather Powers! She is one awesome, amazing chick. Did you know she has a book in the offing?! So cool right? Hop over and leave her some bloggy love.

Here is my muffin tray and the projects from top left to bottom right.

A skull necklace for the hubby,

a new pendant design that needs a patina,

the smaller version of the new pendant which also needs a patina,

new flower beads that need patinas,

a custom order in progress that needs "something extra" that seems to be eluding me,

zebra striped leatherleaf beads that I have been wanting to use for ages and they have been stumping me,

the next two cups are both new colors of clay for my Primrose and Iris pendants,

the three cups full of crystals are all going to be stretchy bracelet coordinates for a friend that needs easily coordinated arm candy,

and one last new clay color for another style of flower pendant!

I plan to take photos of each project in it's completed form and post it next week!


My Life Under the Bus said...

I am so afraid to commit - I guess I need to make a decision! lol

Anna Lear said...

I love this idea - thanks for the link! I look forward to seeing your creations!

Kristen said...

Oh you so have more time right now than I do! I wanted to participate but with all the grad stuff I am looking for time to just breathe at the moment. I can't wait to see all your gorgeous creations from these tins!

Pretty Things said...


theajewellery (lesley) said...

Looks great - too much on for me this week ... maye next time.

Jen V. said...

Excellent set of projects! I spent about 30 minutes last night shopping in my stash to fill my little muffin cups...I'm using a mini-muffin pan and focusing on earrings. :) Good luck!