Thursday, June 30, 2011

Of mothers and daugthers

My church has a private blog and for Mother's Day I sponsored a giveaway. Now that everyone has seen the items over there I can show you guys! It was super sweet. The winner wanted to give the prize to her mother since the contest was to tell a story about your mom and we voted on the best one. I thought it was a great idea to give the subject of the winning story the prize but I also wanted my friend to have a piece of her own to remember the fun. So we got together and here's what I came up with after our chat. I made a set of beads that would be included in all the jewelry to represent the mother/daughter's similarities and common elements. I then proceded to make 2 totally different styles of necklace with the same beads and mostly the same findings and "extras". Here's how it turned out.

The long necklace for the daughter is able to be worn with either chain in the front depending on her mood and outfit.

I made them an identical set of earrings.

Mom's necklace is short and a little more traditional in style but still bright and fun.

They loved it...which means I am one happy beader! I added the beads to my shop too so if you'd like include them in some of your summer plans go here.

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My Life Under the Bus said...

These are great I love your wrapped ring connectors too! What a fun set - Just love this color combo : )