Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I did on vacation (part 2)

My father in law and I visited Harbor Freight (my first time ever) and I picked up an alphanumeric stamping set! Here are my first few pieces. He also has tons of scrap and stuff from his job that is awesome for jewelry making.

I hammered a piece of scrap brass tubing to make this bracelet and used some brass wire for the clasp. Pop on some turquoise and voila!

A pendant for my sister in law and her boyfriend. I later used some liver of sulfur on it but somehow forgot to get a picture.

The clasp on this necklace (front and back)


Elly Snare said...

Fab! I love the turquoise and brass bangle

steufel said...

Beautiful pieces!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Somehow I missed part one, but Part 2 was awesome! I've been wanting to go to Harbor Freight, too! I love what you've made here!