Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BTW 7/13/11

These babies were a custom order from a friend. Once they were finished though they ended up being a little longer and heavier than we expected so I am going to make some adjustments to them and most likely end up with several bracelets to coordinate.

This awesome lady randomly stopped by my house this morning and took all my boys on a walk. Does she rock or what?! Thanks, Mom!!
This photo is a year old at least...just so you don't think this is her "walking outfit" ;)

And now they are due back any minute and we're headed for some water fun. Have a great Wednesday! Hop over to the group on Flickr to see what everyone has on their tables.

Also, I have thrown out my first Photo Challenge! Check it out and's not just for beaders ;)


My Life Under the Bus said...

They are beautiful Kate - and so is your mom!Lucky girl : )

Heather Powers said...

I was thinking, wow Kate has one fancy mom! Yeah for moms who come to the rescue. I love the bright colors of the necklaces - so summery!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous work Kate and aren't you so lucky to have mom just stop by!