Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Challenge

Last week I mentioned hosting a challenge of my own inspired by some of those that I have been participating in like the ABS Monthly and Inspired by Nature. As I pondered how to present this challenge my first thought was to make it centered around beads and jewelry since I think most of my readers are so inclined. But then I got to thinking that many of you are already participating in various swaps, hops, challenges and it being summer many have kids to entertain (or at least keep from killing each other) so I wanted to do something that is a little different.

So I present my Photo Challenge!

Here's how it goes:

1. I will post a theme, hopefully each Monday.

2. You email me a picture (that YOU took) to kathryn7 dot gmail dot com. I don't care if it's old, new, taken on the most expensive Nikon ever or taken with your crappy flip phone camera. It just has to be YOUR photography.

3. The next Monday I will post all the photos (without names on them) and you vote for the one you like the best (your own or not...it's up to you). Voting will be open for the business week ending on Friday.

4. By the following Monday I will post all the pictures again with credit and links to your blog or website (if you have one, if not I'll just post your name)

5. I will post the winner's photo in my side bar for the week with a link to their site until the next winner is chosen.

So, come one, come all and enter your photo in the first Photo Challenge on Tropical Blonde! Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, post to your blog....the challenge is open to anyone.

The first theme is...

The subject can be anything at all (ok, wait...no adult content, please). The only requirements are that YOU took the photo and that it is in color. Have fun!


My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh lordy I'm trying not to kill mine from killing each other RIGHT NOW!!! I will try to do this too : )

Courtney said...

Looks like fun! Can I participate on a random basis? Life is a bit crazy right now.

Pretty Things said...

LOVE that nest!

Cara Jane said...

will share a link on my blog and try and join in.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I'll participate!

Kristen said...

I love your photos and for that reason I will not enter your challenge as I am so completely photo challenged as it is! LOL