Friday, August 19, 2011

Bead Soup Conundrum

I started with this. Primrose pendant (olive/turq.), copper clasp, 5 petal flower beads, and a  ceramic frog (artist unknown).

I added some (begin top and go counterclockwise) labrodite,  tiger eye,  sunset jasper, grossular garnet,  czech glass and ceramic rounds.

Then decided Charlotte might need more options so I grabbed some different Czech glass  assortments in amber and greens as well as those African Trade glass beads in the center.
"What about the clasp", I hear you say?

My tiny anvil produced this toggle as well as one of my "Grow" charms and some hammered rings. 

*Here's the kicker* I did not send this soup!!!

Read on to see what happened next....

I had volunteered to send out a second batch of soup to anyone that had a partner mishap, mail mix up, whatever. I got an email from Lori by accident and thought I needed to send out an extra batch. So I mixed this batch up below. I found out a little later about the hiccup and that I did NOT actually need to send out a second batch but now that I had two all ready to go....what's a girl to DO?!

Primrose pendant, orange and turquoise garden lentils and a *new debut* orange and turquoise disks!

Coral chips, tiger eye, carnelian rounds and turquoise.

Some czech glass for filler and options and I was debating on the two sizes of clasp.

Finally, I decided that the orange just had to go. I don't know Charlotte except for the few emails we exchanged and the few posts I read on her blog, The Infrequent Beader, but this soup just seemed to WANT to go to her. I wrapped it up with a piece of sari silk and popped it in the mail!  


Shirley said...

So now you need to do a giveaway for the first set! Crossing fingers and toes....:)

Andrea said...

I loved your color combinations. I have sent my beads to my partner, but have not heard from her. I hope I am not one of those who ends up without a partner. Andrea, Heaven Lane Creations
blog: http;//

Courtney said...

Kate, both of those are so yummy! I am partial to the oranges though. :)

moonlitfantaseas said...

both sets were beautiful!

Jenni said...

They both looked awesome.

Marianna said...

I agree with Shirley...a giveaway is definitely in order.

option B: just send it to me!!!! :D

Karen Williams said...

Wow! Both bead soup mixes are lovely! Great color mixes and I love the textures.

Charlotte said...

Kate, it has taken me sooooo ong to post a reply here and I really apologize, because you sent the perfect mix to me and I have had so much fun the last two weeks playing, learning, and hopefully "growing" as a beader!

Your beads, clasp, and charms really inspired me to challenge myself. So regardless of what happens next, I feel this exercise was successful because I've learned a heck of a lot and, more importantly, made some new friends:)