Monday, August 08, 2011

Food Challenge Voting AND new theme! (more recent posts below)

I have decided that we are going to try voting and posting the new theme for the coming week in the same Monday post. We'll see how it goes. This way we can all link to one post for voting and attracting new entrants. 

The winner of the "Children" theme is Hannah Gardenghi! Great job, Hannah!  Her name and photo will be posted in my side bar for a week while we vote on these delicious looking photos.


Tracey at A Beadiful Mess

Courtney at Beads by Breul

Courtney at Beads by Breul

The new theme for the coming week is "Jewelry".  Email your entry (just one this time) to me by Sunday night the 14th of August.


Kristen said...

Now I am sooo hungry!

Holly said...

What Kristen said!! :)

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

They all look so tasty!