Wednesday, October 05, 2011

BTW Earring Tutorial

Yesterday I posted some earrings and talked a little about the ear wires that have become my favorite "flavor of the month"!  I have pasted the tips I got from Boot~C over at Mama's Got to Doodle in response to my Bead Soup comment.

"as to my earwires? a sharpie(basic reg, not the skinny point kind they are a little skinnier) is what I use to wrap my wire around,tightly,until I have about an inch of coils. when I clip wire & let go it loosens up to the round size you saw on the wire.file the edge the goes in the ear, & turn the loop w/ your pliers for the earring charm. the loop can be turned to the outside(orig tute called for this) but I like it turned under.I keep a coil handy & clip off wires as I need them. I think Ornamenta is where I saw it " 

I did try to dig up the original tutorial on Ornamentea but I didn't see anything that looked similar in their archived section.

So I decided to add a few pictures to show you my process.

I grabbed some art beads (ridged glass by Juls and the my own pillow beads and flower beads).

 The secret weapon ;)

I used 20 gauge German style wire. 

Coil the wire.

Snip and put a loop on one end.

If you like, you can use a mandrel and make larger sizes (I have found that I like to use a slightly larger size depending on the size of the bead).

Add your bead of choice!

While I was in the tutorial mode I took enough pictures to do two more styles of ear wire. Check back over the next couple days for these babies as well as the Hammered Drop using Artistic Wire I mentioned earlier in this post. Click on the images for the full size view.

What's on you bead table? Check out the whole BTW gang on Flickr.


Boot ~C said...

love the last pairs, great idea!

Kristen said...

I have sharpies now all I need is wire and I to work out our differences. LOL