Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hammered Drop earring tutorial

Take some 20 gauge wire and cut 2 lengths of equal size. However long you want your finished earring to be cut the wire twice as long. Here I have about 3.5inches of wire  (not exact I kinda eyeball things like that). Make a loop at one end.

If you are using copper wire, sterling or some other non colored/covered wire you may proceed to beating the bejeebers out of the front half of the wire. I like a ball peen hammer for texture but you can just flatten it with a the regular type if you like.

However, colored wire usually requires a little extra TLC so as not to lose that awesome finish.  Here I gently flatten the front with an acrylic hammer head before GENTLY using the ball side.  This may take some practice. If in doubt start out as lightly as possible and gradually use more force as you experiment. Also, make sure your hammer head is free of burrs and such.

Once the front has a satisfactory texture, bend the wire in half and shape to your satisfaction.

Add your beads!

Wear with pride ;)

Tomorrow I will be posting the tutorial for these babies...which I can't think of a name for so maybe there will be a contest/giveaway involved for helping a sister out ;)


KayzKreationz said...

Those are cute earrings. And I can think of a couple ideas for names for your earrings. Will watch for your post tomorrow.

Kristen said...

I need tools!!!! These look so awesome. How do they feel in your ear?

Designer Dangle Earrings said...

I like your tutorials a lot. I learn so much from them, as I am only silversmithing for a year or so, I still have to learn a lot.